Adigo Cargobike project

Adigo collaborates with a Nordic cargo manufacturer.

In a joint venture we are developing and improving their electric pedelec system for passenger/cargo bikes.

Development is taking place during the year and we look forward telling you more in 2021.




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Adigo E-Trike project


Adigo works with a truly inspiring design engineer in development of new super innovative vehicle.

We have been given the mission to electrify a new type of electric utility trike, which will be equipped with a sustainable concept of fresh design and energy self-sufficient for a new interesting market segment.
Follow up this exciting project progress as everything evolves and the product brought to reality!





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Adigo – Cabel winch project

Adigo are proud being a partner to a well-known Swedish manufacturer of machines for cable network construction.

Together with our partner we have now developed their equipment to become fully electric designed for this kind of work. Stay tuned for more information later on this year.


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