E-karts, a motorsporting challenge

Our customer Caroli develops and sells go-karts for the rental market. Since 2004 they have worked with electric karts and are the only Swedish company that manufactures them, and they are still running… lap after lap! Adigo got involved in an early stage and has tested out and developed a custom ventilated, brushless motor with control that can withstand the strain of a rental kart. As resulted in a compact, flexible motor with high efficiency, low weight and with a long lifecycle.

Today there are a total of approx. 85-90 tracks in Sweden, of which 30% are indoor courses. Caroli covers over 70% of all electric go-kart tracks in Sweden, and 60% of all electric go-kart tracks in Denmark, Norway and Sweden combined!

Facts compared
The rental kart is much more robust and durable than a racing-kart, which may be self-evident as many different types of ages and drivers rent the same go-kart. The rental kart has 10-15Hp which makes approx. 70km/h. The racing-kart has 30-40Hp and can drive twice as fast and weighs half as much and thus more fragile.

What is the strength about your e-kart compared to your competitors?
The strength lies in our modular thinking around all electrical components that can be easily replaced with ready-made separated modular systems. ChargingThe electrical system is so safe that no components can be installed incorrectly. A default component is replaced as easily as the seat belt is adjusted.
Beyond the electronics, the driving-sense itself is unique, very similar to a racing-kart. With an increased flexibility in the chassis together with improved crash protection, this contributes to better grip and an optimal racing emotion.

How does the future look with e-karting?
Today, when starting a new rental site there is a demand that only e-karts are approved, so the future looks bright. Talking about the e-cart Championship is only at a start-up level and hopefully running in the nearest future.

Does your company have needs for electrification of any vehicle? Don’t hesitate to contact us at +46 31-672 340



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Adigo Cargobike project

Adigo collaborates with a Nordic cargo manufacturer.

In a joint venture we are developing and improving their electric pedelec system for passenger/cargo bikes.

Development is taking place during the year and we look forward telling you more in 2021.




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Adigo E-Trike project


Adigo works with a truly inspiring design engineer in development of new super innovative vehicle.

We have been given the mission to electrify a new type of electric utility trike, which will be equipped with a sustainable concept of fresh design and energy self-sufficient for a new interesting market segment.
Follow up this exciting project progress as everything evolves and the product brought to reality!





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Adigo – Cabel winch project

Adigo are proud being a partner to a well-known Swedish manufacturer of machines for cable network construction.

Together with our partner we have now developed their equipment to become fully electric designed for this kind of work. Stay tuned for more information later on this year.


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