We know lithium-ion batteries. Now we have Micropower as our battery technology partner!

Micropower Group is an established, global group developing, manufacturing and constructing unique battery chargers, power supplies and li-ion battery systems. They are one of the world’s largest suppliers of battery chargers and systems.

Micropower embarked on their modular lithium-ion brix journey in 2017. The goal was to meet the requests from their customers to mount and configure unique needs. Today li-ion is becoming more common in the industry and Micropower has well-known battery chargers which we at Adigo hold very high.

– Micropower is a great technology partner for us, since this enables Adigo to combine Micropower innovation technology with our application experience, says Christian Sunkler, Marketing Manager at Adigo. We are now even more able to create new, groundbreaking solutions and systems that are tailored exactly to our clients’ needs.

Besides the common interest for batteries, we share the thought that there is always a better way. This makes Adigo and Micropower a strong team, where we will have a great opportunity to put Micropower’s state-of-the-art technology to use. The simple truth is that lithium-ion has changed society. Today it’s in our cars, computers and even cell phones.

Through this partnership, Adigo is taking the next step in creating customized solutions for your specific requirements and needs. This is why we are extremely happy to welcome Micropower as a new partner for battery solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further discussions and ideas.