E-karts, a motorsporting challenge

History Our customer Caroli develops and sells go-karts for the rental market. Since 2004 they have worked with electric karts and are the only Swedish company that manufactures them, and they are still running… lap after lap! Adigo got involved in an early stage and has tested out and developed a custom ventilated, brushless motor […]

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New challenges in motorsport Every year, confidence in internal combustion engines decreases when improvements in the performance of battery and electric motor technology achieve potential equality. This new comparison also means that the trend for motorsport chooses the more environmentally friendly alternative and at the same time you get a different type of fast-paced experience. […]

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Adigo Cargobike project

Adigo collaborates with a Nordic cargo manufacturer. In a joint venture we are developing and improving their electric pedelec system for passenger/cargo bikes. Development is taking place during the year and we look forward telling you more in 2021.      

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New challenging projects

We are now back in business after our holiday and are now ready to continue working on our exciting electrification projects. 2020 has been a very different, challenging but still a busy year and so exciting to have new challenging projects going on. Hidden here is a Contruction Machine, Cable Winch and a Utility Bike. Soon […]

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Adigo E-Trike project

  Adigo works with a truly inspiring design engineer in development of new super innovative vehicle. We have been given the mission to electrify a new type of electric utility trike, which will be equipped with a sustainable concept of fresh design and energy self-sufficient for a new interesting market segment. Follow up this exciting […]

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Adigo Construction machine project

Adigo signed a truly important development contract with one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of working and construction machines. We will electrify one of their former fuel powered machines during the year. When the time is right, we are happy to tell you more.

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Adigo – Cabel winch project

Adigo are proud being a partner to a well-known Swedish manufacturer of machines for cable network construction. Together with our partner we have now developed their equipment to become fully electric designed for this kind of work. Stay tuned for more information later on this year.  

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Adigo Insight – Material Handling

General Material handling plays an important role within manufacturing and logistics. Almost every item of physical commerce has been transported on a conveyor or lift truck or other type of material handling equipment in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and retail stores. Today’s logistics processes place increased demands on both machines and drivers. The loads become heavier […]

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A bright future for electrified machines

Adigo Insight / EUV – Soil Compaction Machines – The higher demands on lower or Zero emission of CO2 opens up a hole new market for the smaller Electric utility vehicles. These new emission levels narrows in fast for the construction industry where todays machines quite fast need to adapt to be accepted already year […]

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Adigo Insight – Electric Utility Vehicle

The future emission work has already started Electrification of the Heavy-duty vehicles and the demand from the end-customers is growing. Today lorries, buses and coaches are responsible for about a quarter of CO² emissions from road transport in the EU and for some 6% of total EU emissions. Despite some improvements in fuel consumption efficiency in […]

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