Modern, battery-driven electric vehicles are getting more and more sophisticated. They’re packed with high-tech electronic equipment and therefore demanding a reliable and integrated motor controller. Adigo helps you to choose the correct contol unit for you specific needs.

Maximized efficiency

Adigo offers motor controllers for battery driven applications in all standard DC motor varieties. This can be for either single or multiple traction systems or for auxiliary motors, such as pumps and AC compressors – with a focus on both high and low voltages. We always evaluate and suggest the controller best suited for the application, considering motor type and in order to maximize the efficiency demands.

Broad line-up

A few examples of possible applications are: hybrid vehicles, such as excavators or marine applications, and material handling equipment such as AGV, lifting trollies and winches. It could also include utility vehicles, like motor-cycles, go-karts. The professional OHV market and electrification of construction machines is well covered with our broad lineup of motor controllers.

Support through the whole process

We also develop customized controllers to give our customers a unique solution completed with VCU and motor controllers. We provide our customers with pre-programmed controllers and support them throughout the implementation.