Customer: Halmstad University Solar Team (HUST)
Application: Solar Powered Vehicle
Segment: Utility vehicle, Light electric vehicle
Stage of involvement: Idea stage


In 2018, while in Jönköping at the Elmia Subcontractor Fair, Adigo was approached by the Halmstad University Solar Team (HUST). They needed assistance in finding the right means of propulsion for a solar powered vehicle they were going to enter in the competition “Bridgestone World Solar Challenge”. Students in 35 countries around the globe compete against each other in a 3000 kilometer trip, to see which solution is the most efficient to gain futures’ fossil-free vehicles.

With HUST we were fortunate enough to enter already at the idea stage, which gave us a great opportunity to really understand the customer’s unique design and needs, in order to create the best possible solution. After some adaptation these solutions were incorporated into the HUST vehicle. The final result was a highly efficient propulsion system which includes a permanent motor and a motor controller built for the specific task of being as potent as could be.