Our biggest quality goal is to transform all our customers’ visions and demands into reality. We are always driven to be a fair business partner, to both our clients and our suppliers. Our process should always be improved through measurable quality goals.

Environmental policies

Since the environment is one of our biggest concerns, our greatest aspiration is to be as sustainable as possible.

Adigo’s most important environmental goal is, to the greatest possible extent, to support a more sustainable way of thinking. We strive towards a circular environmental economy, which means that we must ensure that the material flow in the company forms part of a cycle and generates minimal waste.

We know that transportation has an impact on our climate, which is why we work hard to minimize our freight from suppliers and to our customers. We review our transport flow to streamline our freight constantly. During work trips, we always review possible transport options and optimize the number of customer visits while we are out in the field, in order to keep our impact as low as possible.


With great power comes great responsibility. Our industry’s high demands on product functionality and quality is something we implement in everything we do. To ensure this we take full responsibility for our products’ lifespan. We are here for you, all the way from the pre-study up until production, delivery and the post-market activities. Our mission and greatest quality goal is to always be a fair business partner and to keep all parties happy by fulfilling expectations and demands, for clients and suppliers alike.

The work and processes at Adigo are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and for automotive business IATF 16949:2016. We view the certificates as proof of our high standards. Despite this we always work hard to get even better.
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Quality- & Enviroment

Our most important quality issue is to interpret and comply our customers demand and expectations. Read more about our Quality policy (in Swedish). We will continuously influence our staff and our suppliers to implement an open and committed environmental work. Read more about our Environmental policy.

RoHs & Reach

The work we do at Adigo is constantly framed by our quest to meet quality goals and all current regulations. Read more about RoHs here, and about REACH here.


Adigo strives to be in the forefront of Sustainable business, both in the social and environmental perspectives.

As a part of Addtech group, Adigo has adopted their Code of conduct which summarizes the ethical values that the Addtech Group believe should apply to all relations. The code is based on the UN’s Global Compact, the ILO’s core conventions, the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies, competition legislation and anti-corruption regulations. In conjunction with the CoC we have also adopted Addtech´s Sustainability policy which summarize our goals to achieve a brighter future.

Whistleblower function

As part of Addtech, Adigo have joined the group´s work to achieve a transparent and ethically sound business climate. To show that we value the security and respect everyone that is affected by our company we offer a whistle-blower function to highlight situations where Adigo have been perceived not follow our values or Code of conduct. The anonymity of the whistleblower is assured by the use of an external partner, Whistle B.

Follow the link bellow to come directly to Addtechs site for whistleblowing:
Addtech’s Whistleblower function

This link can also be used to report any cyber security issues that a whistleblower would like to report, including successful breaches of Adigos digital environment or other such discovered weaknesses.