Battery systems by Adigo – exactly the systems you require As committed electrification experts, Adigo has a solution for all contemporary battery needs – as well as quite a few for the future. We have an excellent track record of providing our customers with truly innovative, one-of-a-kind battery systems.

Time to recharge your batteries?

Here at Adigo we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with exactly the solutions you require. Our Battery Systems are no exception.

Working with lithium-based batteries ranging from 24V to 800V, we help you build the battery system you require. New lithium batteries are very efficient, lightweight, maintenance-free and leave a small ecological footprint. All of this makes for a flexible design process.

We are of course also able to provide charging solutions for all our batteries. Battery chargers can have a degree of complexity ranging from very basic to extremely complex. We know them all, since charger adaptation and development are things we have been doing for a long time.
Adigo’s battery systems can be found in all sorts of applications, but mainly in OHW and LEV applications.



Battery modules

The smallest unit in a battery is called a cell, which in turn consists of a smaller number of batteries. When you put together a number of such cells, these form a battery module. Adigo has clients wanting just that, a battery module – a small battery.

Battery subsystems

Other clients ask for several battery modules, together forming a larger battery. This is what’s referred to as a battery subsystem. In such cases, we provide the client with this battery, and then they go on to mount it in some kind of case for their vehicle.

Battery systems

Adigo also regularly has clients asking for a full battery system. This means we assemble all battery modules into one battery and then build a customized case for this battery system. This case is fully based on the client’s requests regarding material and thickness.

Why choose Adigo?

As a system integrator in electrification projects, Adigo has the in-house expertise required to build and optimize battery systems to match our customers’ specific needs. Battery pack design? Check. Battery pack development? Of course. Lithium and lithium-ion batteries? Yes, by all means.

Adigo has over 40 years of experience in electrification. Through our extensive work with projects within automotive, off-highway vehicles and material handling, we fully understand how our customers’ machines work. Along with an attentiveness towards the requirements of the market, this gives us the ability to meet the needs of the electrical motors and on-board systems we are working with.

Here’s why!

To sum it up, Adigo can design the right capacity, performance, physical properties, charging time and charger type that you need for your specific application. We can also support with know-how regarding legislation, certifications and other regulatory documentation needed. Our competent assemblers work in close collaboration with our sales personnel to make sure you get the end product you wanted.

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey battery solution or a custom-made one for your electrification project, Adigo is the way to go!

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