Customer: Tawi (a part of Piab AB)
Application: Mobile Order Picker
Segment: Material Handling
Stage of involvement: Case Study

Adigo has been involved in Tawi’s projects for their material handling products during many years. Together, we have evaluated which loads and different speed assessments are required. By testing and verifying specific motors, gears and controls, we managed to offer what the customer needs for their specific environments.

For this specific machine, they received a request from a large customer in the USA to develop a user-friendly vacuum lift in handling of packages from pallet racks, shelves, or conveyors. Here Adigo got involved and together with Tawi we have optimized their drive- and control system. In 2018 a stand-alone unit was ready developed for easy attachment to any pallet jack or truck and drag or drive wherever you need to go, which gives the customer a greater utilization rate. This became a success and improved their business beyond expectation.

Tawi are specialists in lifting equipment, included vaacum technology, for optimizing ergonomics for the user. Primarily to reduce heavy lifting and injuries that may occur but also offer their customer ROI (Return of Investment).

Tawi MOP1



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