Adigo is packed with experts when it comes to identifying the best possible solutions for both cooling and heating systems that can deal with demanding and tough environments.

Important partners

Our partner and supplier Sanden is a top innovator and manufacturer of compressors. Sanden has been producing automotive compressors for the world’s top vehicle manufacturers for more than 30 years. When more cooling capacity in larger applications is needed, we also deliver Unicla compressors.

All the latest tech

No matter which application our customer needs, whether it’s for electric light vehicles, heavy trucks or off-highway vehicles, we will always supply our customers with the latest technology and the highest quality, in order to exceed the expectations.

Our electro-mechanical know-how, combined with the compressors delivered from Sanden and Unicla, enables us to create custom and electric AC compressors for your business.

Electric AC-compressors for niche hybrid and full electric vehicles, battery thermal managing and integrated parking cooling, all for comfort in our future vehicles.

More efficiency - less energy

The progressive shift for the last decade within the industry to convert to electric motors has increased substantially.
With this shift, accessory components need to support the new power systems.

Our electric AC-compressors is housed in a much smaller, more efficient package without sacrificing the performance. This gives you more efficiency using less energy and the design allows the compressor and AC system to be operational even when the engine is not running, which saves fuel and providing operator comfort. Through controlling the capacity internally or externally to match the cooling demand, provides you the optimum comfort while maintaining energy efficiency.

We provide electric AC-compressors for specific customer needs upon request.