AC compressors are a vital component in various applications such as road vehicles, marine vessels, and construction equipment. They are responsible for regulating the temperature inside the cabin and maintaining a comfortable working environment for the operators.

Important partners

In recent years, the trend towards electrification has gained momentum, and many industries are transitioning towards electric AC compressors. Electric compressors offer a more sustainable and efficient solution as they eliminate the need for a belt-driven system and rely on direct power supply from batteries.

Our partner and supplier Sanden is a top innovator and manufacturer of compressors. Sanden has been producing automotive compressors for the world’s top vehicle manufacturers for more than 30 years. When more cooling capacity in larger applications is needed, we also deliver Unicla compressors.

Efficient and reliable systems

Road vehicles, such as electric cars, buses, and trucks, require efficient and reliable air conditioning systems to provide passengers with a comfortable experience. Electric AC compressors offer a sustainable solution to the traditional belt-driven compressors. Electric compressors are highly efficient and offer a reduction in noise and vibration, which improves the overall driving experience.

Non-road applications such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and mining machines, also rely on AC compressors to maintain a comfortable working environment for the operators. Electric AC compressors are now becoming increasingly common in non-road applications due to their benefits, including being environmentally friendly, quieter, and more efficient.

In addition, electric AC compressors are used in various marine applications such as leisure boats, yachts, and commercial vessels. The ability to operate without the need for the engine to run, eliminates the need for idling, and reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

More efficiency - less energy

Another benefit of electric AC compressors is the ability to optimize their performance. The compressor can be programmed to operate only when necessary, allowing for better control over energy consumption, and reducing wear and tear on the components.

One of the significant advantages of electric AC compressors is their ability to operate when the engine is turned off. In hybrid electric vehicles, electric AC compressors can be used to provide climate control while the engine is off, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions. This is also a common application in buses and trucks during driver rest periods.

The future is electric

In conclusion, electric AC compressors are becoming increasingly common in various applications, including road and non-road vehicles, marine vessels, and construction equipment. They offer a more sustainable, efficient, and optimized solution, while also improving the overall user experience by being quieter and offering more precise temperature control. The future of air conditioning lies in electrification, and electric AC compressors will play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation industry.