For machines working within the forest industry, maximum uptime and driver comfort is key for productivity and efficiency. At Adigo, we have many years of experience in delivering solutions to these types of machines, including electrification options that can improve their environmental impact.

The future of machines

Electrification is the future of forestry machines, and at Adigo, we offer a range of electrification solutions to help meet this demand. By electrifying forestry machines, we can reduce fuel consumption and emissions while improving overall machine performance. Our solutions range from individual components such as electric motors, controllers, and sensors, to complete system integration, including batteries and hybrid systems.

One option to consider when electrifying forestry machines is the implementation of hybrid systems. These systems combine an electric power source with a conventional internal combustion engine to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly machine. This is particularly important for larger machines that require more power, as a fully electric system may not be able to provide the necessary power and range. Our experts can help you determine the best hybrid system for your specific forestry machine, considering factors such as power requirements, operating conditions, and environmental impact.

Our services

In addition to electrification, we also offer a range of components that can help improve the operator experience and overall productivity of forestry machines. The most delivered solutions being HMI components such as steering columns, joysticks, and throttle pedals. These components can greatly improve operator comfort and reduce fatigue, leading to increased productivity and uptime.

We also offer AC compressors for forestry machines. These compressors provide a more comfortable working environment for the operator by regulating the temperature inside the cabin. Additionally, the use of electric AC compressors contributes to reducing emissions and making the machines more environmentally friendly.

Let us help you!

When it comes to electrifying forestry machines, we offer a range of components and solutions to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals. We can assist with the integration of electric drivetrains, as well as offer hybrid systems that combine electric and traditional combustion engines for increased efficiency and power. Our team of experienced engineers can work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and provide customized solutions that meet their unique requirements.

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