HMI, or operator panel, is one of the most important interfaces when it comes to the various machines that operators work with. These different types of interactive solutions can be used for on-highway vehicles such as EV cars and EV buses, but also for off-highway vehicles, commercial vehicles and for material handling. We understand the complex conditions of the vehicle industry and have long experience in developing customized solutions for this business.

Custom-made solutions

With a combination of HMI solutions from Adigo, we are able to achieve the perfect integration for the customer’s application. As an example, the cabin of a forest harvester requires gas and brake pedals as well as feedback from the tools and movement of the vehicle, and this can be presented on a display, for example. To optimize the ergonomics for the operator, we have many applications to take into consideration. Hand controls such as Hand controls “>joystick, selector switches or indication lamps all has to be in place. For safety and regulatory reasons, some of the actuations may be controlled by a wire or cable that is specially built for a specific function such as gas throttle, brake or actuation of levelers. This function will also send feedback to the VCU through a sensor or switch on the actual function.

Broad areas

The gas-wires, gear selectors, Hand controls “>joystick“>control panels, displays, joysticks and ac-compressors are installed and used in marine applications, excavators, forest machines, front loaders, harvesters, trucks and buses. Some premium OEM brands have chosen Adigo for quality reasons, timely deliveries and all in all being a reliable partner for their production.

All regulations in place

Adigo will be committed to develop the HMI for the cabin structure and design to be ergonomically correct while still fulfilling all functional and safety regulations such as IATF 16949 and follow the ISO 9001 and 14001. These processes are in place to assure the quality and reliability of the products, that will run over foreseeable lifetime without defaults or quality issues.