Adigo consists of a team of specialists with exceptional skills in electromechanical solutions. HMI components, electric ac and dc motors, gearboxes, ac-compressors and motor control electronics are some of the solutions we work with. Our broad competence and long experience with delivering both unique, customized and standardized solutions has resulted in a big client base within areas such as material handling, utility vehicles, automotive and medical technology. Regardless of the area, we always manage to find the best solution for your business.

Areas of Expertise

Our Process

Our goal is to get involved in the process as soon as possible, preferably already at the stage of the case study. However, we’re always ready to assist you, no matter how far along you’ve come. Below you can get an insight into what a typical process looks like.

Concept evaluation

  • Pre-study
  • Feasibility

In all aspects of electrification, we begin all design and concept studies based on the user definition and the purpose of the product on the market. We start the process by analyzing our customers’ demands and needs, and together we create an idea based on this. The next step is the pre-study, where we have to take several variables into consideration, such as risk calculations and looking into our customer’s specific needs to see whether the idea is doable or not. We aim to answer all the customers questions in regards to profitability of their product through out the entire lifecycle of their product.


  • Project management
  • System design

The next step of the process is the engineering part. This is when it’s time to set up a professional team, the environmental objectives of the project, and start to look for a suitable supplier. When this is done we start to substantiate the idea. The project manager forms a timeline for the project and looks into which types of resources and competences are best fitted for the particular solution. With all the resources in place we start defining the concept, assessing the different components, looking into system and functional design, and in some cases defining the communication between the parts.

Prototyping & Testing

  • Verification
  • Approval

Out of these two steps we will end up with a working prototype. Together with our customer we test the prototype to ensure it upholds its requirements, and if the customer wants, we also do a validation of the product. During this real life test drive we perform both functional, safety standard and lifetime tests. Other aspects may include defining battery technology, comparing the electric motor and regulator as well as estimating the technology level for the entire drive system. It is also important to define the power capacity for maximum use.

Production & Logistics

  • Assembly
  • Traceability

In the fourth step we start to manufacture the quality checked products while following all our standard routines. If needed, we can also perform an end-of-line (EOL) test. This will automatically give you a traceability of all your products. Sometimes, if the solution so requires, we also help to bring out tailor-made packaging for the deliveries. To get your shipment in time, we can handle EDI orders or just make sure to deliver just-in-time (JIT). In Sweden, Adigo accommodates a stock of standard products and subcomponents, for flexibility and fast deliveries.

Support & Updates

  • Follow-up
  • Improvements

We wrap up the process by submitting the final, refined product to the customer and the follow-up work begins. One of our most important goals is to make sure that our customers feel completely secure when putting their valuable ideas in the hands of Adigo. Our mission doesn’t cease just because the hands-on work seems to be done. We are here for follow-ups, product and process improvements, and after market activities, to ensure that our customer feels confident in having Adigo as a long term partner.

Concept evaluation
Prototyping & Testing
Production & Logistics
Support & Updates

Case Studies