Customer: Sahlins Sweden
Application: Electric Powered Cable Winch
Segment: Utility vehicles
Stage of involvement: Case Study

Sahlins – 48V Electric powered cable winch

Ready for a success story? It all started back in 2019, when Sahlins Sweden got in touch with us at Adigo. They knew us as a competent partner in electrification and wanted to know if we could assist them in electrifying their petrol-driven cable winch. We said yes.

The petrol engine of the winch needed to be replaced by an electric counterpart. Adigo acted as the systems integrator, bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems could function together. We started with a pilot study, moved on to conceptualization and then built prototypes. The resulting, electric powered Sahlins 2104 is now a steady seller in serial production, with new batches continuously being manufactured to match the demand.

As a complete system integrator, we provide (see links):

The Sahlins 2104 is a lithium battery-powered cable winch with a much appreciated level of performance, battery capacity and user-friendliness. Much of its attraction lies, of course, in the sustainability factor. Zero emissions and very low noise levels make the winch ideal for everyday use with full focus. Its increased safety for operators as well as surroundings means a considerably reduced risk of accidents.

The 2104 boasts an impressive battery capacity, enough for a full day’s work without interruption, and heating possibilities for extreme cold conditions in the Nordics. It meets all criteria for work in tunnels and mines as well as industrial properties and even densely populated areas – thanks to its quietness and emission-free operation.

All in all, at Adigo we have every reason to be proud of our partnership with Sahlins Sweden. The Sahlins 2104 is a truly contemporary product, with sustainable, future-proof qualities that will live for a very long time. 

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