Customer: Caroli Motor AB
Application: Go-karts
Segment: E-Motorsports
Stage of involvement: Case Study



Swedish Company Caroli develops, manufactures and sells electronic products and services. They wanted to electrify their go-karts, since new regulations don’t allow you to drive indoors with karts run on petrol engines anymore. In close collaboration with suitable supplier and true motorsport specialists, we developed together with VTO an electric drivetrain that fits all new electrical karts. This solution creates a more stable and powerful engine, resulting in a smoother experience for the driver.

The new regulations have really revolutionized the world of go-karting. You are now able to enjoy speed and fun indoors in a quieter enviroment, while breathing clean air. With a brushless electric motor combined with Lithium Ion batteries gives a compact and easy package with high efficiency, low weight, long range and 10 minutes charge will give you a 10 minutes race.

With our solution it is also possible to adjust the speed of the go-karts with a remote control, which of course is very convenient for the young and inexperienced drivers which enhances the safety both for the driver and the staff handling the race.