At Adigo we trust our heritage, which is built on our historical success and long technical experience. The fact that we have existed for 50 years is in itself an acknowledgement of our understanding for service and our field. During these years we’ve had the time to build something great based on our unique expertise in electrifying technology and the extensive understanding of the different needs and demands of our broad clientele. This golden combo has resulted in a well-established capacity to continuously improve customer efficiency.
Material Handling
Utility Vehicles
Medical Technology

Our journey began all the way back in the mid 1970’s, initially focusing mainly on material handling within the industrial sector. Continuing into the 80’s and 90’s we started working within medical technology, automotive and utility vehicles. Today we have – with great excitement and engagement – also added e-motorsports as a branch to our areas of expertise. With a continuously growing expertise, we are constantly exploring new fields and segments within the world of electrification.

So why consult us? Do read the longer version. The short version is that we offer excellent skills and hold great experience within our field of work.

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