ESLA producer of ecological mobility devices

Customer: E.S Lahtinen OY
Application: Light Electric Vehicle
Segment: eMobility
Stage of involvement: Idea Stage


E.S. Lahtinen Oy is based in Finland. The company is developing and providing safe and comfortable mobility devices for traveling all-year, both in- and outdoors.

ESLA reached out to us for expertise in electrifying a highly appreciated product of theirs. The kick-cycle is used for people in need of walking assistance, much like a walker, but with a different shape. The best description is the mix between a walker and a scooter, which allow you to stand on it and push yourself forward.

They wanted us to find an electric solution for this product, giving the user assistance uphill or when carrying things. The idea resulted in a complete drive chain with a customized battery and a unique HMI.

Together we have created a solution that upholds our biggest goal, simplifying the life of humans, while contributing to a more sustainable world. This electified kick-cycle has a big impact on the everyday-life for people in need of walking assistance.

Our Process

Concept evaluation
Prototyping & Testing
Production & Logistics
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