Customer: Swepac AB
Application: Soil Compactor
Segment: Material Handling
Stage of involvement: Engineering


Swepac is a Swedish, market leading company when it comes to developing and manufacturing machines for soil compaction. Most of their machines were run on small petrol engines, creating discomfort in both humans and our environment. The noise and exhaust needed to be replaced by cleaner and quieter engines.

This is where we came in. Together with Swepac, we developed a whole new generation of electrified equipment. The result was a successful and highly sustainable product range which today is being sold with a lot of prosperity for the rental business for professionals within the road and construction industry.  Now we are looking into how to further expand Swepac’s electrified assortment.

We think that our collaboration is just the beginning of Swepac’s journey towards becoming a conscious low-impact business. Hopefully many more companies are going to want to follow this trend.