Mining is a very demanding area where the environmental requirements are extremely high. The machines are often used 24 hours per day in harsh environments exposed to dirt, water, oils, aggressive chemicals and rough handling by the operators.


Mining is an industry that demands robust and reliable machinery that can manage heavy loads, difficult terrains, and harsh environments. With the rise of electrification in the industry, mining companies are now seeking more sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to their mining operations. At Adigo, we offer a range of electrification options for mining machines and equipment, including fully electric, hybrid hydraulic-electric, and hybrid combustion engine-electric solutions.

Our electric solutions for mining machines are based on state-of-the-art electric motors, battery systems, motor controllers, and HMI components. With the use of electric motors, the machines become extremely precise, quiet, and safe to operate. With a fully electric solution, mining companies can reduce their carbon footprint and increase their energy efficiency, while also enjoying lower maintenance costs and higher uptime.

Various solutions

In addition to fully electric solutions, we also offer hybrid hydraulic-electric solutions that combine the advantages of both electric and hydraulic systems. By using electric motors to drive hydraulic pumps, mining machines can achieve higher efficiency, better control, and lower energy consumption. Our hybrid hydraulic-electric solutions are designed to be highly adaptable and customizable, allowing us to tailor the system to each customer’s unique needs and requirements.

Another option for mining companies is hybrid combustion engine-electric solutions, where a combustion engine and an electric motor work together to power the machine. This type of solution allows for even greater flexibility, as the machine can switch between using the combustion engine and the electric motor depending on the application. By using the electric motor for low-speed and high-torque applications, and the combustion engine for high-speed applications, mining companies can reduce their fuel consumption and emissions while also improving their machine’s performance.

Experts at electrifying machines

At Adigo, we have extensive experience in electrifying machines and equipment. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements, and we offer carefully contemplated solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. We provide complete systems with electric motors, motor controls, and battery systems, as well as specialized HMI components that are rugged, reliable, and safe to operate in the harsh mining environment.

Whether it’s a fully electric solution, hybrid hydraulic-electric, or hybrid combustion engine-electric, we have the expertise and the technology to deliver a solution that meets your specific requirements. With Adigo as your partner, you can be sure that you will get a solution that is reliable, efficient, and sustainable, and that will help you stay ahead in the competitive mining industry.

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