Vehicles and machines meant for a specific task other than carrying passengers on the road – i.e., street sweepers, tractors, excavators and harvesters, that’s utility vehicles. Our job is to, with a little help from electricity, turn these vehicles and forestry and construction machines into clean, green-powered machines. In addition to these heavy machines we also work with light electrical vehicles and e-motorsports.

EUV (Electric Utility Vehicle) Category M, N, L6-L7

When looking at the usability of these vehicles, where Adigo designs the entire drive chain, power source and the controls for the driver, we need to consider the total energy consumption. We optimize the battery to the perfect combination between propulsion of the vehicle and the performance when handling the auxiliary equipment, all for a maximized user time.

LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) Category M or N, L1 - L4

2 or 4 wheelers within the light vehicle segment <300 kilograms fall under the LEV category. Adigo designs both the drive chain and the power source as well as the controls for the driver. We optimize battery, electric motor and controller in order to maximize the user time. We work similarly with all our client cases whether it’s a bicycle, an electric sports vehicle or a simple/complex human transportation. What keeps them all in the same frame of mind is the energy capacity to maximize usage in light electric vehicles.

Electric CAM vehicles (Construction, Agricultural and Mining) Category T

Most commonly, these heavy machines have an integrated, hydraulic system which has to be designed, optimized and incorporated with the electric propulsion. Designing drive chains and power sources as well as controls and battery modules, Adigo has the ability to analyze the entire system carefully.

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Ever since the 1970’s, Adigo has been working with the solutions our clients have asked for. We always base our work on an understanding for our clients’ needs and demands – and with their ideas as the foundation. Read more about our services here.

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