Powering the Future with DC/DC Converters

In the rapidly evolving field of electrification, DC/DC converters have emerged as a critical component. These electronic circuits, which efficiently convert a direct current (DC) from one voltage level to another, are integral to power electronic systems. They serve as an interface between different parts of a system that operate at different voltage levels, stepping up or stepping down the voltage level while maintaining the power balance in the system.

Adigo Drives offers DC/DC converters from two distinguished brands: DMC and Micropower.

DMC’s DC/DC converters are recognized for their value for money. They feature isolated switching regulators, compact design, and a wide input range. Their encapsulated IP65 rating and vibration resistance make them robust and reliable in demanding environments.

Micropower’s DC/DC converters are designed with high efficiency in mind. They boast a robust and compact design and are easy to install making them suitable for a broad range of applications and even military standards.

In addition to offering these high-quality products, Adigo Drives also provides the possibility to create custom-made DC/DC converters. This allows for customization to meet specific needs, making them ideal for use in various application areas, including special machines, off-highway equipment, AGVs, material handling, ground support equipment, and more.

Both DMC and Micropower converters are not only robust and reliable, but they also excel in demanding EMC environments. This ensures reliable operation even under challenging conditions, making them a preferred choice for professionals in the field of electrification.

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