New Adigo challenge for drivetrain

Adigo has started an inspiring collaboration with Velove in Gothenburg, who develops LEV (Light Electric Vehicles) such as electric cargo bikes and related services, which primarily works as a transport carriage. Mainly for use in major cities across Europe where traffic congestion is high and new emission limits are pushing zero level. This gives their customers a 50% more efficient productivity and 15 times more environmental friendly parcel delivery, which can reach all final destinations better than vans.

The bike operates the last mile to any destination via bike paths, roads, on cobblestones and through narrow paths direct to the customers doorstep. The Velove cargo bike has rear wheel drive and all wheels got separate suspension. The hybrid power comes from your leg muscles and an electric motor as assistance. Adigo are now challenged to see how we can further improve their drivetrain and enable even more productivity for Velove’s customers through our know how in enabling motion.

Foto: Hermes