Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2021

Adigo is a proud supporter, fighting against Childhood Cancer!

Soon Christmas is here and most of us spend a lot of time with our families. This time is very special for the children. Unfortunately, many children need to spend this time in hospitals.

Our greeting to them goes through our support in the fight against childhood cancer, with the hope that research will develop.


Our office will be closed from 23/12/20 until 4/1/21

Merry Christmas

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New challenges in motorsport

Every year, confidence in internal combustion engines decreases when improvements in the performance of battery and electric motor technology achieve potential equality. This new comparison also means that the trend for motorsport chooses the more environmentally friendly alternative and at the same time you get a different type of fast-paced experience.

Although most motorsport fans are not yet ready to switch petrol to battery cells, but it is now impossible to ignore the large amount of new and exciting racing events that use all the electric power. Electric propulsion offers enormous development potential in motorsport and can inspire people to choose more innovative electric propulsion.

The environmental pressure has led to the introduction of smaller, more efficient, turbocharged engines in the competition arenas, while hybrid and all-electric vehicles are also increasing sharply. Over the past year, all rechargeable vehicles have increased by 33% in Sweden and has passed the amount by 137000 vehicles compared to the global amount of 7,5M BEV (Batterydriven) and PHEV (Hybrid) increase of 31%, where China represents almost half of it.

Today’s championships are divided into four categories

Todays investors
The largest investments today in e-motorsport are made in Formula E. Partly through the major motor manufacturers and other sponsors but also in collaboration with the UN’s environmental program. It will increase awareness of air pollution and the benefits of electrical mobility when competing in the heart of some of the world’s most iconic cities across five continents, which also gives a wider audience. Most of the drivers has started to compete with a fuel vehicle and experience that the electric motors provide more power and a different type of challenge.

Among many experienced drivers, the Swedish Grandmaster Mattias Ekström has been elected ambassador to participate in CUPRA e-racing. After a career dedicated to the racing world where he investigated all internal combustion engine formats, he now wants to move to electric racing, which has been his goal in this segment since its creation.

Can e-motorsport be sustainable in the long run?
Let us imagine that we can keep all the attractions that make cars and motorcycle races a unique experience but without polluting fossil fuels and with much lower noise levels. At the same time be able to attract investment and research in technology and ultimately produce the same adrenaline, controlled risk and speed challenges.

Will the desire for range meet the needs of the future?
One of the greatest consumer concerns regarding electric vehicles is the distance they can travel on a single charge, as suggested by respondents to surveys made in Europe. Today however, the Tesla Roadstar can already exceed 1000 km and as battery technology continues to improve, the projected average range of electric vehicles is expected to reach up to 450 km by 2030 compared to today’s approximately 300 km.

How does the future of e-motorsport look?
E-motorsports are far developed but not yet near the finish line and will certainly become more common in the future as fuel-powered competitions decrease as emission requirements become increasingly stricter. Many new types of racing vehicles are being developed and are now tested for approval, such as go-karting and motocross. The sponsors are keen to be involved and show their support for the development.

Adigo are eager to help you choose the most suitable products for your project, depending on demands set by the application. Since efficiency is key in most battery-powered vehicles can we offer high performance motors in different sizes and powers.

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New challenging projects

We are now back in business after our holiday and are now ready to continue working on our exciting electrification projects. 2020 has been a very different, challenging but still a busy year and so exciting to have new challenging projects going on. Hidden here is a Contruction Machine, Cable Winch and a Utility Bike. Soon enough we will hopefully tell you more about these interesting projects.






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Adigo Construction machine project

Adigo signed a truly important development contract with one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of working and construction machines.

We will electrify one of their former fuel powered machines during the year. When the time is right, we are happy to tell you more.

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Updated information 13/11 concerning IT attack

Our common e-mails (like order@adigoab.com) are now functioning.
If you are missing any responce from us please resend your issue and we will come back to you as soon as we can. We are now recovering step by step.

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Limited service due to major IT issues

Adigo like to inform that we have for the moment major disturbances in our IT systems. The reason is an IT attack on our owner Addtech AB and therefore has a lot of the systems been shutdown. (www.addtech.com)

This means we have no access to some of our systems like ERP and common email accounts etc. There is not yet any forecast available when this has been solved.

In all communications with Adigo from now on, please use our personal emailadresses and phone numbers, which can be found under contacts on this webpage.

The emails that are sent and have been sent to our common emails accounts like order@adigoab.com ect. can not be reached at the moment. We ask you to please resend emails that have been sent recently to Adigo to our personal emailaddresses to be handled as soon as possible.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you and we are doing everything possible to assist you during the present circumstance.

Best regards,
Peter Mayer
CEO at Adigo Drives AB

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The smallest IPM motor

Smaller, lighter and more efficient

Adigo offers a very powerful motor that is one-third the size and weight of a typical induction and brushless DC motors, while still offering all the advantages that come with permanent magnet technology. They are currently the smallest IPM engines on the market as well as the smallest for its performance class. They produce high, constant power over a broad speed range.

Suitable for various applications in material handling, marine, automotive and off-highway vehicle markets.

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