Customer: CakeOemission AB
Application: LEV
Segment: E-Motorsport
Stage of involvement: Engineering

CAKE-Zero-Emission is a Swedish company with a passion for motorsports. They develop high quality products and by partly inspiring people and contributing to accelerate the journey towards a zero-emission society they combine excitement and responsibility. They have received several awards both for design and new innovative products.

The category of light electric off-road motorcycles has developed the features of this electric powertrain which benefits several things. Mainly it’s a environmental-friendly vehicle and you can charge the bike with renewable energy, without having to drop the grid through the life of the bike, is the real proof of sustainability. By dramatically reducing the weight, it supports lively rides and invites everyone to comfortably handle the bike. 

Cake evaluated many different electric motors by testing them in harsh off-road environments. Together with Adigo, an electric motor was developed that achieved the efficiency that Cake was looking for. This special drivetrain comprised a strong, small and weather-resistant electric motor that makes the bike light, clean and quiet. By dramatically reducing the weight Cake offers a smooth, lightweight and exciting motorbike with a net weight of 68kg for speeding up to 70 km/h. The foundation starts here and will be used in coming models Cake has released. Both models Kalk OR for off-road and the street-legal Kalk & has been a success.

The bikes does not absorb dirt, which means it is easier to maintain, since there are no liquids, grease, gasoline or oil to handle.

Watch the bike in action;