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– Soil Compaction Machines –

The higher demands on lower or Zero emission of CO2 opens up a hole new market for the smaller Electric utility vehicles. These new emission levels narrows in fast for the construction industry where todays machines quite fast need to adapt to be accepted already year 2025 in some European citys.

Our customer Swepac are developing and manufacturing machines for soil compaction with many years of experience from delivering vibratory plates to the rental industry. Many of their machines are built today with small petrol/diesel engines, creating discomfort in both work environment and atmosphere. These ICE engines create noise and exhaust that needs to be reduced or stopped by replacement of new much cleaner thus quieter engines.

Adigo got involved early in this new development era  together with Swepac, we developed a whole new generation of electrified equipment for this kind of ground preparation work. Adigo optimized the functionality and made it fit in the current design, programmed the system to get an efficient propulsion.

Through component evaluation, real drivelines tests to gain the maximum effect and by final approval  the result became successful. This turnes-out to be highly sustainable products with a good balance of efficiency and reliability to many of their machines. This development of the electrified machine also resulted in the world’s first cloud connected soil compactor fleet, with several user advantages such as GPS tracking, vibration exposure with live-logging and optimized service intervals and also tracking of stolen machines.


Our collaboration is just the beginning of Swepac’s journey towards becoming a conscious low-impact business. We are now looking into possibilities of further development of Swepac’s remaining assortment.

Probably many more companies will have to follow this trend.
What’s your company’s future challenge in electrification of low-carbon machines?

Adigo stands eager to help you adapt your product for new market demands!