Adigo like to inform that we have for the moment major disturbances in our IT systems. The reason is an IT attack on our owner Addtech AB and therefore has a lot of the systems been shutdown. (

This means we have no access to some of our systems like ERP and common email accounts etc. There is not yet any forecast available when this has been solved.

In all communications with Adigo from now on, please use our personal emailadresses and phone numbers, which can be found under contacts on this webpage.

The emails that are sent and have been sent to our common emails accounts like ect. can not be reached at the moment. We ask you to please resend emails that have been sent recently to Adigo to our personal emailaddresses to be handled as soon as possible.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you and we are doing everything possible to assist you during the present circumstance.

Best regards,
Peter Mayer
CEO at Adigo Drives AB